Profile of Lynx

A Northwich-style traditional narrowboat by Braunston Canal Services Ltd

Welcome to my website which deals mainly with my narrowboating life on the inland waterways of Great Britain. Within you will find details of my boat "Lynx", formerly "Waverley" (and when originally built "Lark Lady"), the British Waterways Acts and Bye-Laws, photographs of canal locations or canal-related artefacts, opinions on canal-related subjects and other material on boating (and some not on boating!) which may be of interest to you.

The site should be updated regularly so drop back from time to time.

Various bits and pieces on boating and associated subjects.
Some knots which may be useful to boaters.
Quips, quotes, queries, sayings, anecdotes, patriotic speeches etc. to keep you stimulated.
The British Waterways Act, Byelaws etc.
How to get in touch with me.
Possibly-useful links to other sites.

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